Trying to eat healthy at the fair? Try these tips

Raleigh, N.C. — The N.C. State Fair can be a diet pitfall. With so many deep fried and super sweet treats, it can be hard to not over indulge.

For those hoping to enjoy the fair without running their waistline, here are a few places to check out:

– Located in Kiddieland, this stand serves up tasty pockets filled with veggies, beef, chicken or pork, in addition to empanadas. Their cuisine isn‘t greasy and full of flavor.

Neomonde – This local restaurant has a stand at the fair across from the permanent lunch stands. They are serving up tons of healthy cuisine include hummus, salads, falafel, chickpea fries, beef and chicken kabobs and lamb burgers.

Party in a Pita – This stand is located across from the grandstands and serves up gyros, hummus, stuffed grape leaves and veggie platters.

Cool Runnings Jamaican – Located in front of the Waterfall in front of Dorton Arena, this stand is serving up an award-winning jerk pork wrap with mango sauce that isn‘t fried!

Tropical Delights – This smoothie stand (located near Cool Runnings) is a popular for its smoothies served in cored pineapples. Get a smaller size to reduce the calorie count or share a pineapple with a friend.

Frozen Bananas – A few stands offer chocolate covered frozen bananas. Those have to be healthier than eating traditional ice cream.

Another tip: Eat before you go – I know the point of the State Fair is to eat, but you can cut down on the calories if you eat a meal before going. Then, you can just indulge in snacks.