State Fair hidden gem: Peachey‘s Baking Co.

Raleigh, N.C. — Last year, the Amish Baking Company was a hit at the with its warm, large, homemade doughnuts.

This year, fairgoers looking for the were saddened to find that they weren‘t in their normal spot and not on the State Fair vendors list. The business is at the fair, just under a new name and at a new location.

Amish Baking‘s owners changed its name to Peachey‘s Baking Company and weren‘t able to get the same location at the fairgrounds this year.

The business is run by a group of siblings, and Peachey is the family‘s last name.

“My family has been doing this for 11 years,” Sadie Peachey said. “My grandmother is who I first remember making doughnuts. My family is Amish and she would make them in Pennsylvania every Saturday morning. People would just pull into her yard. She was making them out front. That‘s where we started learning everything about making the doughnuts.”

Raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina, the family‘s matriarch, Leah, opened a bakery in her garage. She used recipes handed down from her mother to create sourdough breads, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and doughnuts.

Now, Peachey‘s serves up freshly made doughnuts and pretzels at state fairs, festival and other events across the country.

Peachey‘s can be found behind Dorton Arena, across from the UNC-TV children‘s tent.