Inconceivable: Strength in numbers

A few weeks ago, I attended the Walk for Hope for Infertility in Raleigh. I was presented with the about my experience with secondary infertility.

It was such an honor to be recognized by such an amazing group of people. That was a very emotional morning – for many reasons. There were so many stories of inspiration. Women at all stages in their fertility journey.

There were rainbow babies in attendance (babies who were born to families who had previously suffered a loss). There were couples who were starting IVF and those who had decided to adopt. Just hearing their stories of struggle, triumph and even learning to let go really helped me feel not so alone in this struggle.

I met a woman who was getting ready to start IVF shots that night. She was starting the egg retrieval process, which meant one shot a day and then probably two per day. She was scared.

I told her that it wasn’t as scary as it sounds. At first it seems like a giant mountain you can’t climb, but taking it one shot at a time helps. I couldn’t talk with her long because the race was getting ready to start, but I also wanted her to know that she is stronger than she knows. She is a warrior, just like the other women at the event.

My dear friend Renee Chou was the emcee and . As she cried on stage, I couldn’t help my tears from flowing.

We also heard from the local chapter of . This nonprofit helps connect people with the resources they need like support groups, insurance coverage, adoption and financial assistance. Resolve even has a sample letter you can get to help lobby your employer to cover IVF and other fertility treatments.

It was also an emotional morning because I was prepping for my second frozen embryo transfer, which meant I was hopped up on progesterone! So the journey continues, and we don’t know where it will lead, but at least I know I’m not walking alone.

Kathy is a mom of one and . She writes for Go Ask Mom about her experience with secondary infertility.