Greensboro waitress goes viral after helping mother feed fussy toddler

— A Greensboro waitress has gone viral after a mother posted about an act of kindness on Facebook.

Courtney Ruth Pedigo said she and her family went to an Olive Garden for dinner this week when her toddler refused to sit still at the table.

Pedigo said she asked server Nianni Rudder for a to-go box for her food, so the family could leave with their food to avoid disturbing other restaurant patrons, but Rudder had a better idea.

Rudder, who is a Shaw University graduate according to her Facebook profile, brought the toddler a bowl of ice cream and fed the girl while her mother was able to enjoy her hot meal.

“Girl, you will never truly know how appreciative I am for tonight. I seriously admire you not only because you took the time to bribe my bratty little human with sweets so I could eat, but because you are so, so strong,” Pedigo wrote in a Facebook post that has been shared hundreds of times.

In a Facebook post of her own Thursday morning, Rudder said she never intended for her actions to go viral.

“I did what I would want someone to do for me if I was in that situation,” she wrote. “People need to be more compassionate with one another. Anyone with a heart would have done the same.”