Embracing Obamacare; Lawsuit Strategy; False Memories; Pension Reform

Good morning, it’s Friday, October 5, 2018. I’m on the road this week and so my daily history lesson is on brief hiatus. As always, however, I want to direct you to our , which aggregates an array of columns and stories spanning the political spectrum. We also offer original material from our own reporters and contributors this morning, including the following:

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Dems Embrace Obamacare in Red-State Senate Races. Sally Persons has .

Unsolicited Advice to Judge Kavanaugh: Sue Them All. L. Lin Wood  on the embattled nominee’s predicament.

On the Question of Judicial Temperament. Former attorney general Mike Mukasey Brett Kavanaugh from those who say the anger he expressed last week disqualifies him from serving rulings on the nation’s highest court.

Christine Blasey Ford and the Implanted Memory Theory. Stuart Taylor Jr. research showing that, in some cases, false memories can be created through the psychotherapy process.

To Accelerate the Trump Boom, Rein In Proxy Advisers. Brian Carney in RealClearMarkets.

Without Pension Reform, Retirees Lose. In RealClearPolicy, Tracy C. Miller the risks of unfunded state pension liabilities and the crises that could result.

GOP Hostility to Big Tech Could Curb Innovation. Also in RCPolicy, Ryan Khurana that recent antagonism toward online platforms could hamper U.S. global competitiveness.

The Make America First Case for Carbon Capture. In RealClearEnergy, Beau Rothschild  that climate change mitigation must include the removal of carbon already in the air. 

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Carl M. Cannon 
Washington Bureau chief, RealClearPolitics


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