At the NC State Fair: Guess your weight at the agriculture department‘s standards booth

Raleigh, N.C. — Personally, my weight isn‘t really something I want to focus on during a trip to the N.C. State Fair what with all of the fried food and ice cream and candy apples and fried food and … you get the picture.

But generations of fairgoers have done just that at the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences‘ Standards booth. There, in the Education Building, people line up to get weighed – and then get their weight stamped on a piece of paper so they can take it home and remember it always.

Some do it every year. One woman told me she‘s stopped to get weighed at the booth every year for the past 30 years. Others like to weigh themselves in the morning – before they‘ve enjoyed all of that fair food – and then weigh themselves before they leave to see how much weight they‘ve gained after that turkey leg, corn dog, ice cream cone and funnel cake.

Sometimes you‘ll find a line. Other times, the kind agriculture department staffers are waiting to weigh anybody. The state‘s Standards Division is responsible for a number of things, including inspecting commercial weighing and measuring devices for accuracy. You‘ll find their seal of approval on motor fuel dispensers, grocery store scales, grain moisture meters and elsewhere.

So instead of paying a carnival worker to guess your weight this year, head over to the Education Building – right across from the House-Autry booth where they hand out the free hush puppies – to get your number. It‘s up to you whether you eat that hush puppy before or after …

The runs through Oct. 21 at the state fairgrounds in west Raleigh.