15-year-old Apex guitarist plays tribute to Ozzy Ozbourne

— When an Apex teenager picked up his guitar and started strumming, it launched him into a world he didn‘t know but now seems to rule.

With only a few lessons under his belt, Max Frye is sizzling.

“When you pick up an instrument and it makes you appreciate music a lot more, you can realize the time and effort that went in to mastering the instrument,” Frye said.

Frye is just 15 years old, and he started playing the guitar only three years ago. In just a little more than a 1,000 days, he made his way from the bedroom to the big stage. Frye‘s mom, Brandy Beverung, will never forget the moment it all started.

“A very good friend of mine invited us to an open mic blues jam at a local restaurant in downtown Apex,” Beverung said. “When Max watched them, he came home and said that‘s what he wanted to do, and he picked up his guitar and hasn‘t put it down since.”

Frye started with blues and worked his way through music genres until he felt the grip of heavy metal.

Fyre now travels and plays in the Ozzy Ozbourne tribute band, Little Ozzy.

“It‘s all about this to me,” he said.”I know it‘s all about going out there playing to an audience and making them feel something and making me feel something.”

Beverung said she remembers feeling something from the first guitar lick.

“For me, it was exciting because I could see his excitement, and when you see your kids getting excited about something, that they‘re passionate about it, there‘s nothing like it” she said.

Frye said that he has always had a desire to play a musical instrument, and he hopes to keep playing.

“Whatever Happens with Max, I think that music is in his future,” Beverung said.

“I could be the biggest in the world, or I could be, you know, Joe Blow giving guitar lessons. I don‘t know, as long as I‘m happy while I‘m doing it and I feel right about it,” Frye said.

Frye, along with the band Little Ozzy are playing at Raleigh‘s Lincoln Theater this weekend.